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Geekfactor: The Growth Factor of Your Business

At Geekfactor, we aim to find the best IT specialists for our clients - the main factor in the development of your IT projects and solving your business challenges:

IT Specialist Recruitment

Our team of recruiters ensures quick and efficient selection of highly qualified IT specialists, meeting the unique requirements of your company.


Reduced hiring time, access to an extensive candidate database, thorough evaluation of professional and personal qualities.

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Effective solution to arising difficulties, expertise from top IT market specialists, reduction of technical and project risks.

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IT Expertise

We find experienced IT specialists to solve short-term and medium-term tasks and small projects or to bring in temporary expertise for complex issues or technical audits.

Promotion in the IT Community

We organize events for developers, talk about interesting projects of our clients, share modern IT solutions for business challenges, and present companies with a high share of IT.


Improvement of the company's image as an employer; attracting the interest of the best IT specialists not currently job-seeking; receiving market feedback about the company and your IT solutions.

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Why GeekFactor?

Expertise and Experience

Our colossal experience in IT allows us to conduct a thorough evaluation of candidates, even with complex technology stacks.

Personalized Approach

We understand that every company is unique and offer customized solutions that perfectly fit your needs and business processes.

Quality Assurance

Free replacement selection if the chosen specialist does not pass the probation period for any reason (from the company or the specialist's side).

Efficiency and Speed

We use cutting-edge tools and methodologies to make the hiring process as quick and efficient as possible.


Our goal is not just to provide services but to achieve real results that will contribute to the growth and success of your business.

Transparency and Communication

We value openness and transparency in working with clients, ensuring clear and timely communication at all stages of cooperation.

About Us

Business Development through Talents!

Our extensive experience in developing startups and technology companies in the Russian and international markets has shown that the main factor of success in modern business is a high-quality and timely assembled IT team with modern skills. At Geekfactor, our main goal is to help our clients form such a team!

Valentin Dobrovsky (CEO Geekfactor)

Cases and Reviews

Geekfactor: Your Business's Reliable Partner

We are proud of the results achieved, successfully implemented complex projects, and the feedback from our clients.

Sergey Zaharov

Successful Hiring of a Developer for Company Without In-House Recruiters

At CERA, we do not have our own recruitment department. However, we followed Geekfactor's publications on hiring and in IT communities and decided to seek their help. The result was very effective and quick!

Excellent solution for hiring in a startup

"We are an early-stage startup. Skilled engineers, for the most part, are already well-placed and unlikely to switch to us. We see two options: either build our own HR brand or seek outside assistance. That's why we're reaching out to Geekfactor for help."

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Andrey Korchak

Polina Nanayeva
IT recruitment Team Lead

Exact candidate matching

"We have worked with several agencies, and when it comes to candidates from Geekfactor, there has always been an exact match. I particularly appreciate your accompanying letters with resumes — they are concise, clear, and to the point."

Closure from the first attempt

"From the very first attempt, we managed to fill the vacancy for React Native, which wasn't even your specialization at that time since you started with Python. That's why I believe in you and constantly turn to you."

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Michel Novikov
Founder and Dev Lead

Liza Mezhanskaya
Product Operations Manager

High conversion

"At Geekfactor, we have the highest resume-to-interview conversion rate — the guys you send us are really awesome. Everything was explained to us very well, and we felt very understood. We've already hired two Python developers, real superstars. Very satisfied."

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