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Best IT projects for your career

Working on interesting and promising projects in strong teams is the key to organic, successful career development.

Whether you are a novice, an experienced professional, or already a team lead, being part of strong and motivated teams working on high-quality and interesting projects with promising technologies and challenging tasks is the key to successfully advancing your career and landing a truly interesting and highly paid job.

What this matters


Timely participation in promising projects with a strong team is the key to successfully advancing your own career!

The success of your career depends on how promptly you grow your skills and abilities, which in turn largely depends on your team and how cutting-edge and challenging your projects are.

Challenging and promising projects

To climb the career ladder, it is important to grow your own knowledge, skills, and abilities. If your knowledge is expanded up by studying the theory behind any particular technology, whether independently or in courses, then your skills and abilities are, above all, developed through practical experience. And that means that in order to grow, you need to participate in challenging projects involving the most promising technologies.

Unfortunately, IT professionals, especially those working on challenging projects, tend to lack the time required to constantly watch for new projects and companies to advance their careers, resulting in stalled careers or missed opportunities.

Strong team

The higher a professional rises, the more his or her team determines personal performance and achievements. A strong team not only enables the best personal results, but also provides experience with the most state-of-the-art and promising technologies, and effectively hones teamwork skills. And that greatly increases your career prospects.

The opportunity to join a strong team and grow together is a really important factor in career development — one that is often underestimated by professionals in their own career planning.

Career planning

Professional growth within a single company is possible if you are part of a strong team working on challenging and promising projects. Large companies also offer opportunities to move from one project to another and work on different teams. However, career growth, or growth in positions, which entails growth in assigned tasks as well as compensation, is usually limited at a single company.

According to labor market statistics, by changing jobs every 3-4 years, you can significantly move up the career ladder and improve your skills, ultimately earning 30-40% more than if you worked at one place.

Truly in-demand and busy IT specialists struggle to devote sufficient time to actively monitoring job postings for new projects and strong teams, and then competing for them. Don't waste your precious time! Delegate this task to IT labor market experts and focus on what matters — your professional growth.

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Methodology for a successful career

Based on broad experience in IT career growth and putting together development teams, we at Geekfactor have created our own methodology for successful career development. There are 4 main stages:



We assess your professional and career situation and assess your current job market profile, explore potential career prospects based on your skills and abilities and how they might grow, and set goals for your career development.



We build a complete labor market profile for you based on goals for potential career development and employment, including filling in any gaps and compiling a high-quality dossier for potential employment.



We identify companies and teams matching your profile and career goals that have relevant vacancies, among our partner companies as well as in the general labor market. We represent your candidacy to the company and accompany you all the way through the process of internally competing for a vacancy.



When you receive a job offer that matches your career goals, we review and help you negotiate all the essential details of your new position. We support you before you start the job and through the onboarding process and probationary period.

Options to support your career

Whatever your profile and career goals, our comprehensive career support program is right for you. You can also take advantage of its individual elements.


We audit your career profile, evaluate your achievements, and clarify important considerations. You get extensive information about your labor market potential in terms of salary and positions.


Based on our audit of your situation, we assess potential career paths for you. You get a plan for career development and necessary achievements.


Do you want to work for a multinational? Do you want to discover interesting projects that allow remote work? This package will help you build an international or remote-work career.

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Comprehensive career support from auditing to establishing and tracking career development plans, and a regular stream of vacancies at promising companies and job placement.

Not sure which option is right for you? Sign up for a consultation!

Not sure which option is right for you? Sign up for a consultation!

Why a career with Geekfactor?

Over 10 years experience in IT

Our vast experience in IT lets us perform qualitative assessments of specialists, projects, and even prospects of a career involving a complex technology stack.

International offices

We have offices in Russia, Armenia, and Germany, allowing us to work with companies and specialists around the world, regardless of their location and residency.

Reliability quality

We offer really promising projects with strong teams. Our goal is to help our clients who are IT specialists find long-term employment, contributing to the mutual benefit of both companies and IT specialists.

Turnkey career

We handle the full range of tasks required for to build your career optimally and effectively — from technical issues related to building your career profile to the long-term development of your career

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