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Submit vacancy

Submit information about your vacancy, and our specialists will contact you to quickly identify the employee you need.

If you don't know how to fill a position for a particular specialization, that's okay. Before the selection process starts, we will contact you to clarify all the relevant details about your vacancy and coordinate what we will do.

Why hire with GeekFactor?

Over 10 years experience in IT

Our vast experience in IT lets us perform qualitative assessments of candidates even when a complex technology stack is involved.

International offices

We have offices in Russia, Armenia, and Germany, allowing us to work with companies and candidates around the world, regardless of their location and residency.

Quality guarantee

Free selection of a replacement if a hired specialist fails to complete the probationary period for any reason (whether by decision of the company or the new hire)

Turnkey selection

We handle the full range of tasks required for optimal and effective hiring — from technical issues related to sourcing and screening to the development of your company's HR brand