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The best IT professionals for your business with Geekfactor

Selecting employees properly and promptly is the key to the successful organic development of your company

Whether you are a startup, a small business or a large corporation, a high-quality team of experts suitable for your business needs is essential to successfully grow and achieve your business goals.

What this matters


Prompt hiring of suitable specialists is the key to successfully grow your business and achieve your goals!

The success of your business largely depends on how quickly and how well you can select specialists and form a team based on your company's goals and tasks.

Quality selection

It's critically important to note that the company's growth (as well as maintaining what has already been achieved) depends not only, and not so much, on the number of employees, but also their qualifications and ability to achieve established goals.

When recruiting IT professionals, assessing their qualifications can be difficult if your recruiters do not specialize in the relevant domain. Even with your own IT staff, it is not always possible to accurately assess the qualifications of specialists in highly specialized fields. And that can lead to critical mistakes when hiring IT experts.

Prompt hiring

Finding and selecting an IT specialist on your own can take a lot of time. Yet, you also have to work with a limited IT team and postpone deadlines for completing assigned tasks.

The more hiring sources you use, and the more extensive and high-quality labor market expertise you use, the faster you can fill existing vacancies and start fulfilling your business tasks.

Efficient hiring

Using internal resources to search for, select, hire, and evaluate personnel is fraught with significant hidden costs: instead of achieving goals and fulfilling business tasks, IT specialists and managers spend valuable time on tasks outside their area of expertise.

Delegate hiring functions outside your company and simultaneously boost your current IT team's efficiency and minimize management costs unrelated to your core business.

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Methodology for a successful hiring process

Based on broad experience in selecting IT experts and putting together development teams, we at Geekfactor have created our own methodology for a successful hiring process. There are 4 main stages:



We search for candidates in every possible way — by searching non-public online databases of candidates, through Boolean searches of professionals in public sources, by parsing Telegram channels, and through our own contacts in private professional communities, thus ensuring maximum coverage and a pool of resumes of experts with the required profile and experience.



We contact candidates, weed out outdated resumes, and update candidates' contact details and information. And we screen candidates, auditing them for the required skills and experience, including hard and soft skills, and comparing the candidate's profile and the requirements of the vacancy. As a result, only high-quality and interested candidates end up in the subsequent hiring process.



We accompany you through the entire process of internal approvals and interviews, as well as test tasks for the candidate at the company. We also clarify the main stages of the internal recruitment process in advance to set candidates' expectations. We act as an intermediary between the candidate and company employees involved in the hiring process, thereby saving the company's resources and maximizing hiring effectiveness.



After finding the best candidate for the company's vacancy, we support the company in preparing a job offer, notify the candidate about the job offer, motivate the candidate to accept the company's offer, answer any questions or doubts, and help with organizational issues related to starting the job. Our work ends only after the candidate starts work and passes a probationary period.

Options to support your hiring process

Regardless of the size of your company and the reason for your hiring, our comprehensive hiring program is right for you.


We screen candidates, taking into account the specifics of your vacancy and the general principles and rules for hiring at your company. As a result, you get interested candidates whose profiles have already been checked.


We will work on materials that present your company and vacancies, and hold events with specialized communities to improve your company's image among specialists.


An audit of your company's selection and hiring processes will determine the true cost of hiring at your company and identify areas for improving and optimizing the hiring process and personnel management.

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Transfer all the problems and difficulties of hiring to on our shoulders and concentrate on the most important thing — interviewing suitable candidates and putting them to work.

Not sure which option is right for you? Sign up for a consultation!

Not sure which option is right for you? Sign up for a consultation!

Stages of work

Our process for filling vacancies consists of four main stages and is designed to establish long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

  • 1

    Vacancy snapshot

    2-3 business days

    We conduct a detailed survey about the specifics of your vacancy, a candidate's target profile, and other particulars of the vacancy. We also craft the text that pitches the vacancy to candidates. When working with your first vacancy, we also clarify your general rules and preferences related to hiring, as well as your requirements and wishes regarding candidates. We also put together a packet of general information about the company for a favorable presentation to candidates.

  • 2

    Sourcing and screening

    from 7 business days

    We search for suitable candidates using internal and external resources, including non-public databases and communities. We contact suitable candidates, check their basic qualifications, confirm their interest in a particular vacancy and employment at your company in general. As a result, we build a detailed portrait of interested candidates to submit to your company's internal selection process.

  • 3

    Internal interviews

    From 14 business days

    Of course, we do not make hiring decisions for you. Your responsible employees decide whether a particular candidate is qualified and aligned with your team's values. To do this, candidates go through the necessary stages of interviews with members of your team — from team leads to senior management. We support and accompany this process to ensure maximum efficiency and convenience, for both you and the candidate.

  • 4

    Employment start date and guarantee

    up to 3 months

    A candidate for your vacancy has been found! Wonderful. But that's not the end of our work. We accompany you through the process of presenting and negotiating a job offer, monitor issues related to a new employee starting the job, and also support new hires during their first steps at the company — from onboarding to the end of the probationary period. If there are force majeure circumstances, if the candidate fails to pass the probationary period, then we will promptly select a replacement for free.

Why hire with GeekFactor?

Over 10 years experience in IT

Our vast experience in IT lets us perform qualitative assessments of candidates even when a complex technology stack is involved.

International offices

We have offices in Russia, Armenia, and Germany, allowing us to work with companies and candidates around the world, regardless of their location and residency.

Quality guarantee

Free selection of a replacement if a hired specialist fails to complete the probationary period for any reason (whether by decision of the company or the new hire)

Turnkey selection

We handle the full range of tasks required for optimal and effective hiring — from technical issues related to sourcing and screening to the development of your company's HR brand

Special cases

We use a personalized approach in our work, taking into account the specifics of your goals and the particulars of your situation.

Low salaries

We have positive experience working with companies with limited resources. We will also give you an objective picture of the market.

Difficult vacancies

If your vacancy is not filled for a long time, we recommend changing the vacancy to better align with market conditions and improve its presentation.

Multi-stage interviews

We handle the initial interview with candidates. Only the most suitable ones reach you, and we provide organizational support at all stages.

New companies

Is your company/startup still little known in the market? We'll help you build or improve your brand in the labor market.

Complex stack

You're looking for candidates with expertise in a complex or specific technology stack. We use our contacts in specialized communities to select candidates.

International selection

We can help hire remote, distributed, and international teams through our international offices and connections with local communities.

Reviews and case studies

We're proud of our reputation and our achievements. Learn more about our clients' experiences with Geekfactor:

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