HR audit

HR audit

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your hiring process and how to improve it


Long years of IT hiring experience at your service!

We audit your IT hiring process and you get a detailed analysis informed by our years of experience in IT recruitment and job placement, including an analysis of your HR brand among IT professionals.

What this matters

The effectiveness of the hiring process, especially when it comes to IT specialists, depends on many factors, but it directly affects business performance, because your ability to promptly and efficiently hire determines how promptly and efficiently you can achieve your company's business goals and how competitive it will be in the market.

Effective IT hiring requires not only building a high-quality and effective recruitment team, but also building clear and effective recruitment processes that also involve other members of your team. It is also important to correctly set hiring goals — from the particular mix of employees and their tasks to their motivation and competitive compensation.

Recruitment effectiveness is also influenced by external factors: the labor market, including current realities regarding the availability of qualified IT experts, as well as your company's image in the labor market, i.e. your company's HR brand specifically among developers and IT professionals.

All these factors affecting the effectiveness of hiring IT specialists are quite difficult to see and examine from inside the company. However, you can benefit from the experience of an external consultant, especially one with knowledge and understanding of the market from your target audience: developers and IT professionals.


Why choose Geekfactor?

Many years of experience in IT labor market

Business oriented

We understand companies' goals and tasks and how IT product are developed: our own employees have created IT products and recruited and built IT teams.

Experience in IT communities

We have also helped develop specialized IT communities for many years. We understand the motivation and expectations of developers and IT specialists in the hiring process.

Recruitment know-how

As a company providing job placement and career services in IT, we have developed special and effective methods for assessing and hiring IT experts, allowing us to effectively fill even difficult vacancies.

How it works

  • 1


    3-4 business days

    We conduct a detailed survey of your team (from recruiters and team leads to top management), and gather information from the market

  • 2


    10 business days

    We analyze the collected information using our methodology for building an HR brand and successful recruitment process, evaluate successful solutions, and also find opportunities for growth and ways to minimize negative aspects.

  • 3


    5 business days

    We provide a detailed audit report and discuss it with stakeholders on your team

Reviews and case studies

We're proud of our reputation and our achievements. Learn more about our clients' experiences with Geekfactor:

A well-founded plan for building an effective hiring process

Objective information about the current state of your hiring process, combined with best practices from the labor market and IT hiring, let you promptly hire IT specialists in the most effective way possible.

As part of this service, we

  • Audit
  • Analyze results
  • Create a report

Separate paid services

  • Identify specialists
  • Implement proposed changes


How to implement proposed changes in hiring
You can implement our recommendations for your hiring processes independently or with our help as part of a separate service.

Many companies and professionals have already found one another with our help and are achieving their goals together. We will help you find the best team!

Sign up for a consultation today and we'll tell you the most effective way to successfully fill a vacancy and find the best IT specialists for your company!