Sergey Zaharov

Task: Hiring a Python developer for a company without its own recruitment department.

At CERA, we do not have our own recruitment department. However, we followed Geekfactor's publications on hiring and in IT communities and decided to seek their help. The result was very effective and quick!

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Results Summary

При найме разработчиков для CERA мы достигли следующих результатов:

Candidate sources: Geekjob, Habr Career, active hunting.

Final funnel:

- Screenings: 4

- Technical interviews: 3

- Final offer: 1

Time to fill the position: 4 weeks

Our Expertise

In recruiting specialists for CERA, we leveraged our expertise in the following areas:

Case Details

Sergey Zaharov

Recently, we helped CERA hire a Python developer. Let's take a closer look at how it went from the inside.

1. Why did they decide to seek help?

The story is quite simple. CERA does not have its own recruitment staff and often faces hiring challenges. Assigning a developer or another team member to manage the recruitment funnel and initial screening is very inefficient, as it is a labor-intensive task and certainly not worth the time of lead developers.

2. Why did they choose Geekfactor?

Reputation played a key role. Yes, that's right. Geekfactor's CEO, Valentin Dombrovsky, frequently shares interesting content. CERA noticed this, became interested, did some research, and decided to seek help in hiring a developer.

3. Now let's dive into the details of the vacancy and how we handled it.

Overall, it was quite standard. They needed a confident Python developer who could integrate into a complex product, adapt to the company's values, and deliver results.

4. Here is the funnel we ended up with…

  • Screenings: 4
  • Technical interviews: 3
  • Final offer: 1

Narrow and relevant, just the way we like it.

Interestingly, it took only 4 weeks.

5. Let's touch on the sources of these screenings.

We used various platforms. What worked specifically in this case were Habr Career and Geekjob.

And of course, we also relied on active hunting, our favorite method.

6. Finally, let's talk about what we learned from working with this client. Our team often reflects on this.

"You shouldn't be afraid to ping and 'pester' the client to get answers to any questions :)" said our Team Lead.

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