Andrey Korchak

Task: Strengthen recruitment in the startup using an external HR brand.

"We are an early-stage startup. Skilled engineers, for the most part, are already well-placed and unlikely to switch to us. We see two options: either build our own HR brand or seek outside assistance. That's why we're reaching out to Geekfactor for help."

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Results Summary

При найме разработчиков для Monite мы достигли следующих результатов:

Closed 10 positions in six months

Vacancies closed: Python Developer (7 people), Frontend Developer (2 people), Lead QA

The fastest closure - three weeks from request to final offer

Our Expertise

In recruiting specialists for Monite, we leveraged our expertise in the following areas:

Case Details

Andrey Korchak

When did you realize the need to delegate recruitment to others?

When it comes to developers, we primarily seek a willingness to take risks. In large companies, everything is well-established — they offer perks and benefits, but you can't significantly influence the product or introduce new features.

However, we are at an early stage. Yes, it's difficult for us to provide all the perks and set up smoothie bars, but at the same time, we can influence the process. And ultimately — earn more money because the company is growing.

When did you feel the need for recruiting agencies?

Immediately, as soon as we had funding and realized that we needed to hire someone. When you're a startup, you don't have much experience or resources for hiring. You can either ask around among acquaintances, post a job ad, or try your luck on headhunter platforms, for heaven's sake, manually searching.

Skilled engineers, as a rule, are already well-placed and won't switch to you. Other methods are very time-consuming, and in a startup, we lack the manpower for that. There are two options: either build an HR brand or seek help. That's why we're calling on the help of a recruiting agency.

Tell us what you liked about working with Geekfactor compared to other agencies?

There were absolutely no irrelevant candidates. Yes, some had issues during technical interviews, but it's difficult to identify them during the screening stage.

It was just good and comfortable — and that's important. I've worked with various agencies where it was often difficult to explain what was needed, and even after explanations, they might send me unsuitable candidates. But with you, I feel comfortable. We understand each other, and that's invaluable. Everything goes quickly and smoothly, recruiters remember everything, and they will definitely ask how it went. They won't forget or miss anything — everything is very well-organized.

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