Michel Novikov
Founder and Dev Lead

Task: Assist the startup in delegating the hiring of developers.

"From the very first attempt, we managed to fill the vacancy for React Native, which wasn't even your specialization at that time since you started with Python. That's why I believe in you and constantly turn to you."

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Results Summary

При найме разработчиков для Fasttrack мы достигли следующих результатов:

Over six months, we closed vacancies for:

  • Python Developer

  • Android Developer

  • React Native Developer

with a closing time of less than a month for each vacancy.

Our Expertise

In recruiting specialists for Fasttrack, we leveraged our expertise in the following areas:

Case Details

Michel Novikov
Founder and Dev Lead

When did you realize that it was necessary to delegate hiring to others?

When our time became very valuable. When we needed to find a new person, I thought: that's it, this project is going to take a month. I had to schedule calls and constantly check job boards.

In the last year, I had to focus heavily on my tasks. So, I began to try to delegate as much as possible.

Describe your overall impressions of working with Geekfactor

A very high-quality experience of delegation. It's great in itself that you can give something to someone and it will be done well.

Secondly, it inspires further delegation. I'm currently building a house, and inspired by the success of delegation, I hired an assistant who coordinates my builders. I'm also getting fantastic results without stressing myself out. You inspire me to develop in this regard.

What were your expectations from working with Geekfactor and how did they meet?

The first pleasant surprise was when Ksyusha suggested having an introductory call, and during the process, I better understood what I wanted. It was like the first call with a coach.

The second pleasant surprise was finding our Python person on the first try. He was also from the same community, we had crossed paths, but I didn't know he was also looking for a job. And Ksyusha was in contact with him, so it worked out.

I was impressed. That's why I brought my second company to you as well. From the first attempt, we managed to fill the vacancy for React Native, which wasn't even your specialization at that time, as you started with Python.

The guy was excellent but left after six months. That's entirely our responsibility — we didn't warn him that we were moving to RnD, and he got tired of switching between tasks and abandoning what he had already started.

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