Thanks to our considerable experience in business, startups, and creating developer communities, we saw a big problem in labor market for IT professionals: companies struggle to find the required IT specialists, including software developers, while IT specialists struggle to find really interesting projects and teams.

Indeed, many companies spend a lot of effort searching for and evaluating potential candidates, diverting significant internal resources to the hiring process. This is often also due to the fact that internal HR specialists lack the necessary IT qualifications, and the company (especially startups and medium-sized companies) does not have the necessary HR brand among IT specialists.
Similarly, due to the nature and specifics of their work, IT specialists cannot always present themselves favorably to a future employer or even find projects that really match their qualifications and interests.

With experience in both the business and IT communities, as well as in recruitment and HR, Geekfactor decided to solve this problem. That's why our slogan is "Candidates get the best job. Companies get the best candidates."



We've been in the business and IT community for a long time. We also have considerable experience in recruitment. This lets us find suitable candidates for companies even in difficult cases. It also lets us find interesting projects and career opportunities for IT professionals.



Our goal is more than just finding a suitable specialist for a vacancy, as ordinary recruitment agencies do. Our goal is to simplify the hiring process for both the company and the candidate as much as possible. In fact, we become an intermediary between them, helping at all stages, from the initial search to passing the probationary period.



We also pay significant attention to the development of the HR brand of companies and specialists. This allows companies to attract the best specialists and build truly effective IT teams. It allows IT specialists to effectively advance their careers in the most promising and interesting directions.

Many companies and professionals have already found one another with our help and are achieving their goals together. We will help you find the best team!

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